Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Turtle fucking a Shoe

This is cute and disturbing and a complete wonder at the same time
The sound that the turtle makes reminds me of E-$. His O-face reminds me of Ed.
And the way he finishes and slowly walks away reminds me of Rami.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food Porn

Nothing is better than eating delicious food.
Making delicious food comes in a close 2nd place.
Now, LOOKING at delicious food...definitely 3rd place.
I've been scoping this website Food Porn Daily for a while now. Pretty much endless great photos of excellent-looking gourmet food. The tag-line says it all. "Click, drool, repeat." There are even some recipes (not nearly as much as there should be) so you can make some of this food and attempt at having it turn out as visually glorious as the photographs. Odds are it won't, but it'll prob taste awesome. I don't think I've come across anything on there that I wouldn't devour. It's a good website when you're bored or hungry. Also, it's nice when you aren't that hungry, but should be - it will definitely make you starrrrrving. Only problem is that the photos go in the same direction, meaning you will always get the same pictures after each other - in other words, they aren't on "shuffle". But, I'd recommend waiting a couple days and going back to the site, so you have a bunch of pictures in a row you've never seen.
A new 'food porn' site I found and like is the A Hamburger Today blog. Seems to be a daughter site of "Serious Eats", which I haven't examined as much, because, frankly, I could eat burgers all day, as you might assume. This blog had burger news, recipes, reviews, and photographs from restaurants, burger shacks, and chefs all over the world. It even has a section for normal people like you and me to upload pictures of burgers they've had or seen.
If you like food, and burgers. DEFINITELY get hooked on those two sites. Mouthwatering shtuff right there.

Here's a burger from Jersey City's own White Mana


Happy Trails,

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Just wanted to say yo. and that I haven't posted in a while. Brian and I have the introduction to a little story we're gonna post at some point when it is finished. Until then, I'll just post this filler. Been kinda bummed out lately, studying, etc. but I can feel the spring coming, though. My mood is lifting slightly, and I'm beginning to get slightly more proactive. I did P90X with Rami this morning. Plyometrics. That shit is tiring. My thighs were burnin' as I brought my squatting, lunging, jumping a-game. It was like skateboarding x's 3. I began eating health-consciously today, too. Could this be the beginning of a stronger, healthier, better-looking (is that possible?) me? We'll see. Tomorrow is chest and back... boo ya.