Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanks to Raahm Deezul and Fudge for showing me stumble upon I have found a new calling in life (more like a reason to update again tonight).

(yes this guy is the first place winner of the World Beard and Mustache Championships)

Stop the violence!!

So I have a few friends that work at the 40/40 club in Atlantic City.  The 40/40 club is owned by mogul Jay-Z. Check out this video and deduce for me what happened at his club on Saturday.

(Thank you DJ Zeke for capturing this crazy stuff on camera)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

There is a god...

Hello BotBS fans and contributors. Thanks for allowing me to contribute to a clusterfuck of awesomeness. Happy T-Day btw, everybody eat some extra turkey for me.

I was stumbling my way across the internet today when I came across an article that blew my mind:

So these crazy scots (probably descendants of William Wallace) have made a beer with 32% alcohol content. 32!!!! WTF?! Somebody get me a bottle of this stuff ASAP. I wonder if it even tastes good, but I'm sure it won't matter after one of these bad boys. It is aptly named "Tactical Nuclear Penguin". I just wanna know why no one has tried this before.

Anyways, gotta run it's time to play some beirut in beirut. Me and Dustin are gonna rep this tournament Jersey style.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day...the best day of the year

 When I say this is the best day of the year I mean it. It has everything to make a holiday good and there's no denying that. There's awesome cornucopias of food, friends you haven't seen in a while, and family you haven't seen in even longer. The only thing missing is presents, unless you are not materialistic and view the three things I listed earlier as presents.

While feeding my obsession for watching food being cooked on TV I found a show about the top ten questions asked on Thanksgiving; two words caught my attention, stuffed stuffing!!! Can you believe this guy stuffs the stuffing with balls of sausage and deep fries it until crispy and delicious.
This guy Aaron McCargo had another awesome recipe on the show for apple-cranberry sauce that I would like to try out.
For those of you that are looking for a new technique to flavor the turkey and love salt try this recipe by Alex Guarnaschelli for a brine. Supposedly its the new craze these days. Look at her toss that salad.

(B-T-Dubbs if you want to see the recipes click the food names)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

High in the Sky

Dear awesome fans,
This is my first post ever and I would like to say Hello to all of the fans of BotBs and to all of our future fans. Having said that....

So you don't ever think that you're going to actually find something cool while doing homework. While doing an online assignment I came across this video on youtube. It's pretty sick.

On a smaller, but still pretty epic note, I found out that the movie "Punch Drunk Love" Is based on a true story about David Phillips. He actually became a frequent flier millionaire with only about 3,000 dollars worth of pudding. What a smart/lucky guy. I wish I was set for flying anywhere for the rest of my life.

On a younger note, take a stab at the age of this runway model.................

The Pride of NJ

Jersey skates hard, and its time the Garden State gets recognized. If you know anything about skateboarding, and New Jersey, than the name Fred Gall should ring a thousand bells. He hails from Central Jersey, a term I'm using loosely because in my opinion there is only North or South, there's no in between. None the less, the man shreds, and on the one occasion I had the opportunity to meet/party with the dude he was definitely what I expected, a gnarly as fuck jersey grime ball in the best sense of the words.


We are going to add more authors soon, maybe update the look of BotBs, have more content in general, more organization, etc. Part of this is the new post formatting. If we want to (cause we do what we want to, naturally), we can set up posts to have a Title and/or small amount of info first, then after clicking the "read more..." link or whatever we decide to put there, you'll expand the post and be able to read the majority of it...or what's "after the jump", as they say. Let's try this...