Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day...the best day of the year

 When I say this is the best day of the year I mean it. It has everything to make a holiday good and there's no denying that. There's awesome cornucopias of food, friends you haven't seen in a while, and family you haven't seen in even longer. The only thing missing is presents, unless you are not materialistic and view the three things I listed earlier as presents.

While feeding my obsession for watching food being cooked on TV I found a show about the top ten questions asked on Thanksgiving; two words caught my attention, stuffed stuffing!!! Can you believe this guy stuffs the stuffing with balls of sausage and deep fries it until crispy and delicious.
This guy Aaron McCargo had another awesome recipe on the show for apple-cranberry sauce that I would like to try out.
For those of you that are looking for a new technique to flavor the turkey and love salt try this recipe by Alex Guarnaschelli for a brine. Supposedly its the new craze these days. Look at her toss that salad.

(B-T-Dubbs if you want to see the recipes click the food names)
Dave Chappelle: Look, man, look. Michael Jackson has many faces - none of them look guilty to me. You gotta look in the eyes, not the noses.
Prosecutor: He's been accused of this more than once.
Dave Chappelle: So? Some people say that cucumbers taste better pickled


  1. Nice addition to BotBS...which btw is almost the same abbrev as battle of the bands. well played e$.

  2. Mmmm...stuffed stuffing...::Homer drool::