Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pride of NJ

Jersey skates hard, and its time the Garden State gets recognized. If you know anything about skateboarding, and New Jersey, than the name Fred Gall should ring a thousand bells. He hails from Central Jersey, a term I'm using loosely because in my opinion there is only North or South, there's no in between. None the less, the man shreds, and on the one occasion I had the opportunity to meet/party with the dude he was definitely what I expected, a gnarly as fuck jersey grime ball in the best sense of the words.

His part in Inhabitants was fast and dirty as fuck, and I hope you've all seen Mosaic. If you haven't,definitely get down on that jaundice, and if you feel so inclined you can read about it here:
Fred rips in that tight as fuck flick, as he does in everything else he's in.

For a taste of Fred check this "hidden part" in Inhabitants, circa the old days:

But enough throatin' his schlong, point is Jersey skating is the shit, and shit needs to get real, Jersey needs to stand up. The dudes at Division East Skateshop ( and in Montclair, NJ recently premiered and released a DVD entitled "Tomorrow" that is rad as fuck. My boys Davey Lee and BJ Wishard filmed it, among others. I am positive they are the future of skateboarding and Kyle, Dan V, Jim Moncrief, Bill Marshall, Rozbo and all the dudes on the team are going to take over the world and turn every inch of this planet into a primo-shred-spot. Jersey is going to rise up and shit on all of you.

alt text

Clifton Up. 1.

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