Thursday, November 26, 2009

There is a god...

Hello BotBS fans and contributors. Thanks for allowing me to contribute to a clusterfuck of awesomeness. Happy T-Day btw, everybody eat some extra turkey for me.

I was stumbling my way across the internet today when I came across an article that blew my mind:

So these crazy scots (probably descendants of William Wallace) have made a beer with 32% alcohol content. 32!!!! WTF?! Somebody get me a bottle of this stuff ASAP. I wonder if it even tastes good, but I'm sure it won't matter after one of these bad boys. It is aptly named "Tactical Nuclear Penguin". I just wanna know why no one has tried this before.

Anyways, gotta run it's time to play some beirut in beirut. Me and Dustin are gonna rep this tournament Jersey style.

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  1. i think alcohol-induced coma is my favorite tag ever