Wednesday, September 30, 2009


He mushes onto ledges effortlessly, crawls up walls in seconds flat with the fluidity of a surfer, leaps over structures with the greatest of ease, spins like a motherfucker, slides smooth as your girlfriend's thighs...all at blazing speeds.
He is...

<3 Eric

Friday, September 25, 2009

LATFF (Look at this Fuckin' Farmer)

It seems as if everyone I know has gotten caught up in the Farmville craze, myself included. For those of you who don't know, Farmville is an "app" on facebook that allows you to to manage, decorate, and harvest your own farm and interact with others via the interweb. This has really got me thinking, wouldn't it be awesome to have a real life collective farm/garden on a plot of land somewhere run entirely by you and your friends. Personally, I love being outside, and I love to garden, and I love fresh fruit and vegetables. It would be ideal to have freshly grown fruit and vegetables to pick for consumptions and even to sell/give away. Everyone knows everything just tastes better when your grow it/cook it yourself. Some crops I would definitely want on my farm would include:


Arugula and Basil


Jersey Tomatoes

and of course......


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning musing

This morning was not one of these, but have you ever had one of those days where you accidentally wake up at an early hour of the morning (hours earlier than you would normally), and then not go back to sleep? I think it's kinda nice to walk around the house quietly, knowing everyone else is sleeping (if there is anyone else). It's even nicer when nobody's around. I don't know about you, but I seem to find myself doing things getting things done, reading, making a good breakfast, taking a walk, etc. It's quite beneficial. For one, by the time you would normally be waking up, chances are you've already done some of the shit you have to do to get out the door for work/school/whatever. Two, you give yourself a sort of meditation period/wake-up session. After reading the paper or taking a walk or making a fried egg, you notice how awake you feel, without grogginess or tired muscles, or half-open eyes. Maybe it's just me and this is what normal people do on a normal day. I don't know, but if I could get more work done earlier in the night in time to get to bed at a decent hour, I would like to wake up early most mornings. You know what they say about "early to bed, early to rise" and how it "makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise". This shit can work. But alas, I tend to stay up too late doing nothing even though I might be tired, and hit snooze until I am rushing for the bus un-showered and I wake up somewhere between my first and second class when hunger strikes along with a sense of pissed-offness.
While I'm pondering, don't you wish you were the only person on Earth who had a one-man space ship you could fly up into the great black with whenever you wanted without anybody knowing? This thing would be like a floating armchair/corner of a room. With a little end table, radio, ashtray, lamp, reclining capability. Oh, but it would all be in a really crystal clean, super-transparent, ultra heat-proof glass dome. I would love to just take off when I'm stressed or relaxed or worried or just overwhelmed by everyday minutiae backed up in my head. Just to hang out with the stars, floating gently around the planet completely separated from everything. I say separated, but as I typed that, I thought maybe I wouldn't be separated. I wouldn't know, but I can imagine feeling overly connected with the planet at moments like that. You look down on her like "Wow...this is where I live, where I was born, where anything anybody I know has ever said or done or thought of saying or doing took place". Then you'd think of all the bad stuff that's going on there, and have this question: "I love that place...should I go back and help it? I couldn't go back and not help it...Should I even go back? What can I do to show that place I love it? Can I make it better?". And I would hope that people would come back with a clearer understanding of this world, and maybe some good ideas for when they get back. I guess that's what astronauts go through. I've never spoken to one, but they must be interesting people (at least the ones who haven't been paid/threatened by NASA to remain silent...HAH!). I wonder what kind of great things former astronauts have done upon returning to Earth after looking at it from such a unique point of view...literally being "on top of the world". Maybe they just come down missing that place to themselves up in space. Maybe they feel a sense of godliness and that's it. Maybe they just return to normal life and go home and hug their loved ones. Maybe some are terrified of even returning to that place. All I can assume is that anybody who goes up into outer space, and looks down upon this BILLIONS-of-years-old thing that birthed water, plants, animals, humans and all that has come from those things themselves, cannot come back unchanged. I kinda went off on a tangent there, but that kind of takes me back to my original thought. If I were to have a personal recliner-ship that could take me up whenever I pleased, could I come back down unphased? Would I after my 5th, 3rd, even 2nd time up there? I think everything is that way. You get too used to a morning routine, waking up at a certain time, rushing for the bus, eating a crappy breakfast, seeing the same people, going to the same workplace, classes, gym, watching the same television. It's not a bad thing, necessarily. It's comforting, and that's really good. But you just forget sometimes how great it is to have your friends, your school, your morning routine, your loved ones, etc. Sometimes take it all for granted.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Helluva Burga

Five Guys Burgers & Fries; one hell of a burger joint!

Friday, September 18, 2009

DEEB of the Week

After watching a considerable amount of tv we've decided to add a new weekly special to the burger platter, "DEEB of the Week" (douchebag of the week). Pretty self explanatory, and this weeks DEEB is (drum-roll please...........)

The Travel Channels ANDREW ZIMMERN!

Most of you know Zimmern from his show "Bizarre Foods" and newly premiered "Bizarre World", both pretty solid shows but man is he a fucking deeb. Just listen to him talk.

A guy whose first beaver came in the form of chilli, Andrew Zimmern, is not only a flaming homosexual and top notch DEEB but an arrogant pretentious cockwad that makes the entire American population look like a bunch of penis-gobbling bald-headed butt pirates to the rest of the world. He has a way of making awesome shit just seem totally lame, its a talent really. The man could force a 6 story tall fire-breathing dragon into submission and make it sound like he just did paper mache with Martha Stewart. "The luminescent neck of the dragon collapsed to the ground as I rose my sticky hands triumphantly, it was then my masterpiece was complete." If you've ever heard the man describe what a beatle tastes like you know what im talkin about. So it's official, Andrew Zimmern: DEEB. (Make note that I am in no way homo-phobic, just strictly deeb-a-phobic)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back in Action...?

Could it be? Could it BE!?!?! Yes...Well, Maybe.
Sup you. I know I'm blogging to nobody right now, but after lookin' at my man Rami's new blog/travelog from Beirut (where he just arrived - CONGRATS DEEZ!!), I kinda remembered this blog action and it made me want to get back into it. Brian and I have been talkin' about doing a video channel on youtube, or an experimental film, or blog or something lately, so if anything, this is a re-start of mine (and his) ventures into the world of posting stuff people may or may not care about on the internet. Why? Because it's fun. Don't have much to say, and in fact I am wasting precious school-reading time right now, but... yeah just felt like updating. So WHATS UP NOW...