Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back in Action...?

Could it be? Could it BE!?!?! Yes...Well, Maybe.
Sup you. I know I'm blogging to nobody right now, but after lookin' at my man Rami's new blog/travelog from Beirut (where he just arrived - CONGRATS DEEZ!!), I kinda remembered this blog action and it made me want to get back into it. Brian and I have been talkin' about doing a video channel on youtube, or an experimental film, or blog or something lately, so if anything, this is a re-start of mine (and his) ventures into the world of posting stuff people may or may not care about on the internet. Why? Because it's fun. Don't have much to say, and in fact I am wasting precious school-reading time right now, but... yeah just felt like updating. So WHATS UP NOW...


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