Friday, September 18, 2009

DEEB of the Week

After watching a considerable amount of tv we've decided to add a new weekly special to the burger platter, "DEEB of the Week" (douchebag of the week). Pretty self explanatory, and this weeks DEEB is (drum-roll please...........)

The Travel Channels ANDREW ZIMMERN!

Most of you know Zimmern from his show "Bizarre Foods" and newly premiered "Bizarre World", both pretty solid shows but man is he a fucking deeb. Just listen to him talk.

A guy whose first beaver came in the form of chilli, Andrew Zimmern, is not only a flaming homosexual and top notch DEEB but an arrogant pretentious cockwad that makes the entire American population look like a bunch of penis-gobbling bald-headed butt pirates to the rest of the world. He has a way of making awesome shit just seem totally lame, its a talent really. The man could force a 6 story tall fire-breathing dragon into submission and make it sound like he just did paper mache with Martha Stewart. "The luminescent neck of the dragon collapsed to the ground as I rose my sticky hands triumphantly, it was then my masterpiece was complete." If you've ever heard the man describe what a beatle tastes like you know what im talkin about. So it's official, Andrew Zimmern: DEEB. (Make note that I am in no way homo-phobic, just strictly deeb-a-phobic)


  1. hahahaha. I hate him, im glad you posted this, he's so obnoxious, i cant even watch him, so you did better than me.

  2. Hahahaha, oh man. thats too fucking perfect.I hate him too, pretentious colon creamer. Seriously though, who the fuck says Quelinary? Deebs, thats who