Thursday, March 05, 2009


Just wanted to say yo. and that I haven't posted in a while. Brian and I have the introduction to a little story we're gonna post at some point when it is finished. Until then, I'll just post this filler. Been kinda bummed out lately, studying, etc. but I can feel the spring coming, though. My mood is lifting slightly, and I'm beginning to get slightly more proactive. I did P90X with Rami this morning. Plyometrics. That shit is tiring. My thighs were burnin' as I brought my squatting, lunging, jumping a-game. It was like skateboarding x's 3. I began eating health-consciously today, too. Could this be the beginning of a stronger, healthier, better-looking (is that possible?) me? We'll see. Tomorrow is chest and back... boo ya.

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