Friday, February 20, 2009

Trix are for Kids

So today was my first day of "student teaching" at Roosevelt Elementary School in downtown New Brunswick. I must say, it was way more of a sick time than I was anticipating. First off, it felt good to be up early and actually in the middle of the city of New Brunswick, I rarely ever leave the college avenue campus. Also, it was really sweet being on the other side of the classroom, as a teacher and not a student. Little kids are the shit, for real. They were 4th grades, and the whole time they tellin me all types of cool stories, and high fivin' me and shit. I'm startin to consider being an elementary school teacher instead of high school like I had planned. On the negative side, the No Child Left Behind Act (or NCLB as the faculty called it) really sucks ass. Roosevelt Elementary did not meet the standards on the standarized tests the past couple years so a strict policy is enforced, and it really sucks. But besides that it was an awesome day, and least its not like this vvv


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  1. the no child left behind thing is such a crock of shit. Not a single person benefits from it.