Sunday, February 01, 2009

jack moves

Ok, so I've been known to preform small, innocent jack moves in the past, but they've always been kinda justified, in my opinion, at least. recently, a Wii-mote and two open tubes of face wash were stolen from the house. Why the fuck? Good thing I had a backup bottle. As for Brendan's wiimote, that just really sucks. Peoples be scummy sometimes.
It is another beautiful day. Maybe nice weather gets me in the mood to blog. Today, I gotta go observe an animal in its natural habitat and hypothesize about one of its adaptations. That sounds like a great thing to do right now.
"I passed out way early last night," said Jared.
"Me too," I replied.
12:15 is too early haha.
Apparently, Rami had poor man's food last night. 3 sandwiches of cold pork-n-beans on sliced wheat bread with Sriracha and grated parmigiano. Nice job Rami.
February 1st eh? only 1 month and 26 days until Lindsay and I celebrate our big 2-0. Is 2-0 even that big? maybe not...BUT WE SHALL MAKE IT.
So it's Super Bowl Sunday. Football, Beer, and Eats. I cannot wait.
duuuuuuuude I love the breeze.

frooooooom Errriccccccccccc

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  1. old pork-n-beans on sliced wheat bread with Sriracha and grated parmigiano

    dude, i almost puked.