Friday, January 23, 2009

It's so nice outside...

Do you think Google spies on Gmail e-mails?

who cares. I dunno if I want to blog anymore. I don't have anything good to say ever. I feel like driving really far on one road and maybe eventually I'll just end up in the desert and my gas will run out and I'll get out of the car hitchhike to wherever someone would drive me. Then I'll wash dishes at a Mexican food place and I'll gamble my pay with the cooks and win all of their money and run away with the owner's daughter and steal a car to sleep in.

It's definitely colder outside, but from my window, it feels like it's t-shirt and jeans weather. Bike-riding weather. It feels good. Ed's napping in the other bed. Mike just got home. Wait, that's Jared coming up the stairs. He was hooking up with a lady last night in my bed. AND he spilled my do-not-touch drawer all over the floor. How's that happen? I'm not mad though.
I kinda wish I had my dog here at school. I'd go take her for a walk right about now.


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  1. Read Supercrunchers... the author is friends with the guy who wrote Freakenomics. Both very good books.

    Anyway, google owns 4 terabytes of information. That's right. Four fucking terabytes.

    Everytime you use that information is stored and the more searches you do, the more customized they get. They keep track of every single random piece of useless information and use it to their (and sometimes our) advantage.

    It's fucked up and creepy.