Saturday, October 24, 2009

List II

This is List II (or 2).
-Dylan, Joe
-Joe fAce down on gravel
-in the rain
-good movie
-BonerPain-possible employment?
-(Au Bon Pain)
-ice cream money
-I think Gumby is sick
-dumped miracle grow on it
-saying sorry
-playing guitar
-school's a drag
-muscles (marinara)
-messed up a roll of film
-(dancing to) Indian hip-hop
-more sleep?
<3 E

1 comment:

  1. wtf i keep commenting and it won't show up...this is my last attempt haha. if by indian hip-hop you mean JAIHOO, then you just got rid of my boner pain. you better whip their french asses into shape they always burn the coffee. anyways, miss ya E, you too gogez and D, take it E-Z guys.