Tuesday, December 01, 2009


It's getting cold out. I even wore my heaviest coat today for the first time since last winter. AND GLOVES!
I feel the breath of winter
I can kinda smell it, too. Winter ate some pep-o-mint lifesavers, and belched on autumn as if to say "Yeah, baby...stop playin' around with those nice-colored leaves and pumpkin pie and CHIIILLLL wit ya boy Winter. Jack Frost can't wait to get nippin' at those nips...I mean toes."
Here's a video I have enjoyed for a while. In honor of the "cold", I will bring it back. So, just get some o' dat Chamomile a'brewin' or Earl Gray or Green or Chai or Oolong or that straight Lipton plain ole plainsness, crack open a pack of graham crackers, pop open a pack of popping corn, snap into some ginger snaps...you get it - and kick it with T-Baby and her soulful backup singers. And try not to get so sad when they start showing the funeral pictures - just remember how bad they're singing, and let that smile out.

<3 E

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