Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Capitilluh

Sup dudes, it's Eric. December 17th. Nearing 6pm.
Rami and I just got back from the mall and Chipotle. We made a jack move on some bottles of Tabasco - one Green Pepper and one Chipotle flavor. Now we have 3 bottles total. Chipotle is pretty damn good. This was my first visit. I walk in, and Q-tip's "Breathe and Stop" was on. "NICE," I think, as I rap along and walk right into this big pillar by the line. Rami gets a steak burrito, and I go with the pork crunchy tacos. I probably should have gotten a burrito as my first Chipotle meal, but I was in the mood for crunchy. So, I get the stuff and a lemonade, sit down, and eat. The stuff was really good. I do not regret my decision at all. The hard tacos we're awesome. Looked homemade and were flower tortillas. So, we leave satisfied and with some new sauces to take home, and have a cigarette on the drive, listening to the radio.

Alright, here's a funny little story.
We're sittin' at the dining hall the other day. Brower Commons. Midnight Breakfast...

E: (to the group) "Ok, so...What's with jizz in the shower?"
Rami: "OH. DUDE. The downstairs shower?? - That's Ed's jizz, man. That's Ed's jizz."
Brendan: "What, did you recognize the taste??"
R: "I went to the bathroom before and after Ed was in the shower, and there was globular messes in the drain the second time."
E: "Uhhh, No...just, like...what's with jizz in the shower - in general."

Ok, so here's a new addition to the blog. It'll be updated weekly/as situations develop. Basically, it's fake yet appropriate screen names.
NEW SCREEN NAMES (not really):
Rami: FanOfFans69
Brendan: WaitWutsDatFrom
Ed: ThtsMyJizz...or whatever
Hawkins: HunterGatherer
Ricardo: d00dSoFuktup
Jared: MetalMeshugganah
Brian: Masterhater256
Bill: SookieIsMine69
Lindsay: iSleepOnCouchez

And. check this out.
Q-Tip - "Gettin Up"
from his new hotness, THE RENAISSANCE.
Q-Tip - The Renaissance


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  1. mmm chipotle. i just had it my first time a month or so ago. delish. qtip is the shit, i love him muchly. and gross. it's a fact of life, but.. it's gross.. and its not that easy to get out of your hair, just always remember then when you're with the ladies. ha!