Monday, December 15, 2008

Fireside Ramblings ep.1

Hello and welcome to the first of hopefully more episodes of Fireside Ramblings with E.
Ok so it is I. The one drinking the orange and cream Sobe drink. I am in a room. Dimly lit with only one lightbulb and a candle rumored to be "opium" scented. Thus, I am
So Rami punched 2 holes in the wall the other day. He cut his knuckle. Mario Kart Wii is a popular game. I like to play as Luigi in the Mach Bike and lay the crush upon my opponents (sometimes). Today, I realised that I had been drinking decaffinated coffee all week, thinking it was the normal type. Wow, right? It makes sense, too, looking back. Decaf + finals = "ERRRHHNK!" (buzzer). Ok, now Mario Kart sounds too good right now.
(oh, and listen to this track...thanks Brendan)


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