Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What is good?
I am at home right now. As in not at school. It's a great feeling. I woke up around 2pm. I'm starving, too. Luckily there are leftover raviolis in the fridge. Gotta love Mom.
First, I want to apologize about Ricardo's posts. I know this Blog isn't all about substance or seriousness...but that's just a bunch of random pictures. Casual dog...funny. But were all the pictures needed? I don't know - Maybe I shouldn't be saying this here, and instead be talking to D, but whatever it's my blog. I'll cry if i want to.
So, even though nobody reads this shit anyway, I promise no more crazy string of pictures and stuff.
In fact, I was just talking to Joanna and she said she didn't like the posts. And that they weren't funny.
I gotta give the people what they want! Come to think of it, what DO you want??
I'm gonna say right now - comment the shit out of this post. Just list stuff you wanna see more of/less of. I wanna make this worth while.

I'm off to eat a lil' some-somethin' and I leave you with this glorious cartoon featuring my favorite Christmas song.

White Christmas
(by the Drifters)

Have a great day.

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